Searchable Database

Up to 30% of tests, treatments and procedures in Canada are potentially unnecessary.10 There are over 430 Choosing Wisely Canada (CWC) recommendations, and it’s growing. How do you find the recommendations which apply to your work as a medical laboratory professional (MLP)?

If you go to the CWC website, you can search their list of recommendations by specialty (e.g., palliative, hematology and pathology). However, our profession conducts tests and procedures that span the human life cycle and encompass all sub disciplines of health care where tests are required to screen, diagnose, treat and monitor patients. Searching through every specialty category is cumbersome and inefficient.

We have created a searchable database that is made for medical laboratory professionals and is aligned with the way your work is organized. The database does not include all of the CWC recommendations and thus, we encourage you to visit their website for the full and most up-to-date list.

Approximately one-third of CWC recommendations are directly related to the work of medical laboratory professionals.

Our database includes all of the recommendations that have been identified as directly relating to the work of MLPs. By this we mean that the test, treatment or procedure noted in the recommendation is substantially and obviously related to the workload of certified MLPs (whether explicitly stated in the recommendation or not). Those recommendations that are less clear or indirectly related were excluded.