Tools and Products

Need to know the basics about lab utilization?

Print off this communication primer to give you some help on how to talk about laboratory test utilization.

Want a free poster?

We want to get the word out about the Medical Laboratory Profession Choosing Wisely Canada Recommendations, and we need your help!


Share the following graphic below to help others understand more about appropriate lab utilization. Download the image and share via email or social media.

Want to implement a utilization project?

Take a look at these Choosing Wisely Implementation Toolkits! Here are a few toolkits related to the lab:

Toolkit: Give the Test a Rest

A toolkit for reducing unnecessary ED lab testing. North York General Hospital in Ontario achieved a 23% reduction in lab testing over 2 years using the approach in this toolkit.

Toolkit: Understand the Gland

A toolkit for appropriate ordering practices of free thyroid hormone testing.

Toolkit: Pause the Draws

A toolkit on reducing repetitive, “routine” blood tests in hospitals. St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto achieved a 22.3% decrease in routine blood testing across three hospital wards.

Toolkit: Why Give Two When One Will Do?

A toolkit for reducing unnecessary red blood cell transfusions in hospitals. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Lakeridge Health in Ontario reduced transfusion rates by 31% using the approach in this toolkit.

Toolkit: Using Blood Wisely

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Choosing Wisely Canada Using Blood Wisely campaign has released resources relevant to conserving blood products during this time. These resources are part of the larger campaign that will be launching at a later date.